How to fight high blood pressure

Jul 31, 2021 | well-being

High blood pressure is the increase in blood pressure in the arteries. This pressure can be regular or severe without being a disease. High blood pressure can cause your heart pump to work too hard. This will cause fatigue and system failure. It is the cause of fatty deposits in the arteries. Follow this article on how to prevent high blood pressure and how to screen and monitor it regularly.

Prevention of hypertension

To prevent hypertension, you must correct certain rules of hygiene. You must review your diet by eating healthy foods. Meat and fish should be eaten less. Foods that contain a lot of salt should be avoided as much as possible for you and your children. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also increase the risk of high blood pressure. So you should avoid alcohol and smoking.

Early detection

To fight hypertension effectively, it is advisable to do early detection. You should periodically measure your blood pressure and that of your children. Without the presence of symptoms, you should start by having your doctor do it very early. Hypertension is defined as blood pressure above 14 for systolic pressure and 9 for diastolic pressure. In fact, to be sure that the pressure is not due to worry, you need to make three successive visits over a period of three to six months to confirm the hypertension. When you notice certain signs such as headaches, little noises in the ear, or breathing difficulties, you should contact your doctor for screening.

Regular monitoring of high blood pressure

Treatment of high blood pressure must be adhered to throughout a person’s life. And for this treatment to be effective, it must be followed up regularly. Monitoring should be done three to four times a year. Your doctor may suggest that you measure your blood pressure yourself at home. The treatments try to stabilise your blood pressure at its normal level. When you stop the treatment without your doctor’s advice, the risk of complications becomes dangerous. In principle, when complications are not yet serious, treatment with medication is also simple and effective.