Three effective methods to combat stress

Jul 30, 2021 | advices

Socio-professional pressure, work deadlines, financial problems, heat, rough weather… there are many factors that cause stress. Stress is a normal reaction of the body in response to any situation, fact or event that the body considers aggressive, threatening and dangerous. As a result, it leads us to know how to adapt to our environment. But if stress becomes chronic and intense, it can lead to more or less serious or harmful consequences such as increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and disorders, cancer, and even early death. Don’t worry, here are three good ways for you to manage this physiological reaction.

Physical activity and sport

Although it is sometimes difficult to voluntarily decide to do sports when you are stressed, it should be noted that regular and sufficient physical activity allows you to relieve yourself of all the mental pressures and tensions of the day’s work. Indeed, during sport the body produces hormones called endorphins. These hormones lead to a better feeling of well-being and joy. In this way sport will prepare you to face your activities and tasks with much more serenity and self-confidence.

 Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are essential for stress management. While fatigue and tension at work produce high levels of adrenaline leading to stress, sleep helps to improve and regulate this production. The better your night’s sleep, the more likely you are to have a great day at work.

Give yourself some leisure time

This is an effective way of freeing yourself from your usual occupations and the constraints they impose on you. You can listen to music, play games and chat with friends about life, go for a walk, read funny books that you love. Leisure time will allow you to concentrate for a while on something other than the worries or troubles of your job.