Three tips for fighting microbes

Aug 19, 2021 | well-being

Invisible to the naked eye, microbes are very often nestled in our effects, in our environment, in our bodies. Although some microbes are essential to life and beneficial to humans, others are particularly dangerous. The question arises as to how to combat them. Find out more in this article.

Adopting healthy personal hygiene

Microbes are micro-organisms. There are three main families: bacteria, viruses and champions. The latter can be found everywhere, so healthy body hygiene is essential. To observe it, wash your hands regularly (before eating, cooking, caring for others or yourself; every time you sneeze; after relieving yourself; after coming home from work; after taking public transport…); watch your clothing hygiene, take care of your hair, nails and your whole body in particular.

Maintaining a clean and healthy living environment


To do this, one should engage in regular housekeeping. To this end, making your kitchen clean while having your utensils tidy and no dirty water around; maintaining each corner of your house by insisting on the places regularly touched (door handles, light switch, furniture…); getting rid of waste but especially maintaining the surroundings of your house are necessary to fight against microbes.

Maintaining food before consumption

The food we eat when it is poorly maintained often carries micro-organisms. These make the body sick once inside; the maintenance of food before consumption is therefore necessary to fight against the intrusion of micro-organisms in our body. To this end, it is advisable to wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating them, cook meats sufficiently before eating them, reheat dishes to avoid the appearance of mould, protect food from insects by covering them with clean dishes or cloths. This is very important. Meals and food should be covered because this will prevent germs from being deposited by insects and others. Do this to protect your health.